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Re: HD Carrier Bearing Mount


Do you still make/have any of these brackets?

I may need one. Not sure yet if its going to work with my crossmember though.

My 3/4 - 1/2 ton conversion is fighting me at every turn. I thought I did all the research before I bought the new drop xmember and coil spring set up, but I did not at that time know about the different carrier bearings and drive shaft combos.

Basically if I could find the 1/2 ton HD carrier bearing with the 1.378" ID bearing that would be great and would work perfectly with the parts I already have. But I have found nothing like that.

My thought is that I could use your bracket but bent the tabs back down to flat, then drill holes in my xmember. My xmember is flat on the bottom side, unlike the stock one.
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