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Re: 1974 454 rebuild questions

A comp 268 cam, and full bolt on make a 454 a 400+hp engine.

I would heavily consider a roller cam for use with today's oils, and using the new style blue gaskets. Which helps with oils leaks vs old style gaskets.

You want 8.8-9-1 compression for use with today's gas. Unless your willing to run 92 all the time.

I am not the best with big blocks, but closer to a zero deck you can run the better. It keeps the quench tighter. Unless you have open chamber heads, and then I would consider getting new ones.

Even peanut port heads are capable of laying down serious HP numbers, and a mountain of torque. I mentioned a while ago a friend built a engine with them till he could afford the heads he thought he wanted. He mildly ported the heads himself, and in his 468. It had to be close to 475hp/500tq. It had power from 1000-5000 rpm, and could hit rpm before it really started to roll over hard.
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