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Re: how about a "SHINY" shop truck ?

Originally Posted by special-K View Post
Since it has such an original look and I think that`s what you like,I have a suggestion to spice it up.I have a plan and by the time I do it,I won`t be the 1st.I`ve already seen things going this way.
With your truck I`d keep it somewhat original,period-correct,with a touch of spice.
1:Lower mildly as you wanted to
2:Keep the wheels and tires.Paint wheels or just lip red and get full wheelcovers.That`s the ole boy way with wheels and tires.Could use the later 69-72s or choise earlier Chevy car ones,like the 15" SS covers,61-66.Those 65-66s look awesome and were popular to swap..
3:Maybe a couple/few choice vintage decals.I`d go for a days gone by Dragstrip decal for sure if nothing else.
4:Red tonneau
5:I`d want split headers and duals out the back,too.

This is something a guy might have done back in this era.Would have been an adult born before WWII in his 30s.The guys that were king of the rod & racing scene in the late 60s/early 70s.
This sounds like a good idea!
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