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Re: Post your C/L finds here for all to see

Kudos on the reference haha. There's a lively/spirited debate to be had there, for sure.

In my humble opinion it ain't a special edition anything anymore. Everything that set it apart, aside from the VIN of course, has been stripped and may be lost forever. It's the start of a nice little street truck without a doubt. Didn't even know they made a SWB Beau James. As silly as it may seem, I'd dig something like that 150% more if he'd kept the hood ornament on the truck. Homage to roots and all that.

And just to be clear, I'm ALL for modding stuff to suit one's personal taste. My stable is as varied and eclectic as they come. You'd think I was a schizophrenic with all the weird stuff I deem worthy of piloting.
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