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Re: CPP is awful!!!!!

Originally Posted by Z10 View Post
I'm another in the CPP sucks column. Service sucks and so does everything that I purchased from them, well to be fair, the rag joint I got from them is ok. I've ordered Brake boosters that leaked, master cylinders that leaked, steering columns that had to be rewired, track bars that had to be completely cut apart and redesigned. Oh, did I mention customer service sucks?
Amen. "Chinese Part Purveyors." I consider them an absolute last resort. Service sucks, parts are absolutely hit or miss. When I bought their front disc kit I ended up throwing away a lot of the parts they sent and upgraded most of it myself. Would have bought only the drop spindles had I known what junk they were going to send. When I do have to buy something from them I buy through Summit to save myself the agony of dealing with their "customer service."
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