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Re: Beware of doing business with Coy wheels

Originally Posted by The1960APE View Post
Anytime we are building and modifying any vehicle we measure 10 times and order once, but this being a stock vehicle that has only been lowered, and the vendor claiming to be a C10 expert who attends many of the truck shows and pushes the wheels in the truck market I did make the mistake of believing him when he was insistent and confident that "this size wheel, this backspace and this size tire is what you need, we do it all the time" so my fault for believing him......but any reputable vendor would have the decency to call back and try to make the situation right!
I'm just curious, is there any way your rear end was changed during the life of the truck? I know between '69 and '70 GM widened the rear by 1.5" and some members have been surprised to find that what they thought was an all stock truck actually had the wider rear unknowingly installed at some point.
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