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Re: Plasti Dipped the '67

It's hard to tell, what color is that? I can't tell if it is the texture (or camera) making the paint look like many different colors or if it actually is multiple colors. If it is the texture, then yes mine is more smooth. The benefit of the actual HVLP gun is you can lay down nice and even coats, fairly heavy. It seems the heavier you apply each coat without having it run, the more smooth it will be as Dip seems to also reliquify the layer underneath along with the top layer leveling out.

I like that color, and am impressed it came from a rattle can. I can't see any stripes to speak of. Good work man! I would definitely suggest purchasing a gun if you are to do your whole rig. I used the Graco 2900 from Lowe's and am very happy with it. Earlex also makes an identical model for a bit more I believe (both of these are what DYC used to include in their kits and use on their own vehicles). Now there's also DipYourCar's new sprayer they just released available from their website. As for Wagner, read some reviews on Dip's forum if you can. From what I read they seem to not spray as even or consistent as the others I recommended. Any of those would be at the top of my recommendation level as they are in a decent price point and seem to produce great results.

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Damn OP, your truck looks extremely nice "Dipped". Yours would be the first classic vehicle I've seen use it and with the flat/satin color craze, I think it will continue to be a big deal. I have PD'd a few things on my modern DD and am I believer. When the time comes I may pick your brain on how you got that exact color and finish. It looks really nice.

For those of you concerned about the "what ifs", at about $4 a can you can experiment with it. Don't like it? Just peel it off with NO worries. I think all the concerns are covered by DYC's "Tube" videos.
Thanks man, I appreciate it. I like the understated look of this matte silver and thought it would go well with the truck. I 100% agree with your thoughts on the "what if" side of things. Watch a video, try it, if you don't like it, peel it off. That's how I started. Pick away, I'll try to be as much help as is useful.
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