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Re: Finally starting my Longhorn 4x4 conversion

i will be doing this this weekend and had a few ??? for ya

what paint did u use and where did u get the paint

did u brush it on


Originally Posted by Dieselwrencher View Post
No real great progress this week. I have been busy with the super cold weather, work, and I got a cold that has been slowing me down. But I did manage to go get some paint for my gauge cluster needles. I tore apart my cluster I got from Toomuchstuff. He included some nicer gauges than what some of the ones in the cluster were. I cleaned everything up, and man were the tins nasty due to a leaking oil pressure line. I had my wife paint the needles while I repaired my odometer. She even painted the red line areas because they were faded really bad. She did a great job! Then I polished the lens a little bit. I tried not to ruin the markings on it because I'm pretty sure no one has any of these in stock anywhere. It came out pretty good. i will install my new repop wood grain bezel when it gets here and then this cluster should be done until I get some LED bulbs for it.



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