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Re: Plasti Dipped the '67

Originally Posted by low&slow View Post
Very cool. I've read a lot about plasti-dip but never would have guessed painters out here in Idaho will actually be willing to use that stuff. Neat to see you in Nampa. Where did you go to get it done?
Hey, a fellow Idahoan! I actually painted it myself, was my first adventure in painting a vehicle. Converted 2 bays of my garage into a paint booth, worked out pretty well.

Originally Posted by prairewolf View Post
... What did you do for surface prep before putting the Plasti Dip on. ... I know with paint that everything has to be right or it is not good. ... maybe dip is a lot more forgiving prep wise. ............ I have a 2 wheel trailer I may do/experiment with ........time will tell....... thanks,kent

... p.s last an only vehicle paint project I did/helped with was my GTO, in highschool shop class 30+ yrs ago, ...and a classmate with a steadier hand than me sprayed it.......time flys
Prep was very simple. Do all of your obvious body work, sanding, smoothing, etc. I choose to wet sand the whole truck before paint to ensure no scratches and give the Dip a bit less tooth to grab onto in the event I didn't like it and wanted it off. Note: Dip does do an excellent job of filling in minor imperfections. After that, I washed it a couple of times with plain dish soap, then wiped it all down with an isopropyl alcohol/water mix. Then tack cloth, etc etc...
Crazy how times have changed, I was always the kid my friends would come to for help on their rides, except now they're mostly Hondas instead of American muscle... Oh well...

Originally Posted by bigwheel15 View Post
Looks great but I always worry about the one guy who decides to be funny and pull a nice sized spot off.
Don't you just love people? That honestly did cross my mind, but even up close you can't tell it's Dip, or a "wrap job". Looks just like any standard paint, so hopefully they'll leave it alone.

Originally Posted by Evaded View Post
Dip is great... Both mine... the red still needed two more coats to complete at this point. Its durable, washable and looks cool. You can buy the expensive kits for other colors, or just buy rattle cans and spray yourself. You need to really know what your doing with rattle cans, my black Subie was complete and awesome! Black coupe is green underneath and red sedan was red..

BTW four door Subie has white dipped wheels as well...

Total cost per car with paper, tape and 20 cans of dip under $175

Eric (Evaded)
Yah I definitely would'nt reccomend rattle cans to anyone starting out, pretty hard to get it to look right. Looks great!
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