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Re: Plasti Dipped the '67

Originally Posted by Jahloha View Post

Give me a holler when you do this or if you already have. I would be interested in seeing the results first hand; if you'd be cool with that.

I've already started. Just been working on the roof so far, got about 3 coats on. I'm only using the spray cans from Home Depot, so its not the best way to do it, but cheapest. I also did very little prep other than cleaning it because this is only meant to be short term paint job, hence why it looks a bit uneven and you can see filler cracks (which i didn't do, I found then while sanding down the rough spots in the paint). So far I'm 4 cans on the roof alone, roughly $25, I'll need one more to finish it off, then a lot more for the body but this is the cheap way to do it.

Originally Posted by american revolution View Post
can you spray a clear over a patina original paint truck to keep that original patina look. will it protect it?
Oh yes. They make a clear version of the plastidip. A lot of people use this in place of a clear bra for the front of the car to protect from chips. Now its not a permanent solution, but it should protect for 2-3 years no problem.

I also want to note, some paint shops have added plasitdip to their available services for very reasonable pricing. We have a couple places here in SLC that will do a full car for around $500 depending on size and color, just striping for $150 and they can even custom tint it for you.
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