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Re: Plasti Dipped the '67

I'd say there are many reasons, but the number one, it's different. People aren't saying that spraying Plasti Dip is better than actual automotive paint, but it has its advantages just like anything else. The reason I chose it was simple, it was cheap, easy to apply, didn't leave me with a fear that someone would scratch or key it, and in the event something did go wrong all I had to do was peel it off and my truck was simply back to how I started.

As far as spraying standard paint, then having to re-scuff everything, base, and clear it again for a simple color change, it depends on who you talk to if it is easier or not. Of course mine hasn't been on that long, but I have yet to find someone on the forums who applied Dip properly that is complaining of it fading or what not. I believe its life span is comparable to a mid range paint job.

Consider the fact that someone already has even a cheap HF HVLP gun, and all the throw away items for doing any paint job. All that is left to be purchased is the dip. You can self thin and make 4 gallons of dip for around $150. I would be very impressed if you could find me some actual quality primer, sealer, base, and clear all for less than that amount. In my mind, and from pricing known quality paints, this was the cheaper route.

Back to the real reason I did it, which will vary per person. It wasn't the cost. I saw the product, had a need that it would fill, and wanted to see how well it worked. I was more than willing to put down a few hundred dollars if it meant discovering a great product that fit my needs and I may use down the road. And in fact I have, just finished helping a friend of mine plan out his old Dodge Sweptline pickup that he is doing in KOI Orange (I'll try and get pics at some point).

Every one has their own needs, their own access to materials, and their own depth of pockets. Different products fit different peoples wants and needs, and I believe that Plasti Dip is simply another product that I'm trying to spread info about so that those people may take it into consideration.

Originally Posted by az's1971C10 View Post
Thanks Step, I should have gone back and looked at your original post because now I remember saying you wet sanded it.

I took his info with a grain of salt. He was at Home Depot buying other stuff for his shop, not paint to paint with. I have a shop that I would trust for real info when it comes time to put a glossy paint job on it.

Thanks again for the info.

I'm with you, I would definitely trust an auto paint shop more than a guy from Home Depot
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