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Re: Plasti Dipped the '67

The color is gunmetal grey. The first pic might make it look like two colors one being darker than the other. All it is is the lighting. The second pic is an up close photo so I could show the texture. Both were taken with an Ipad 2. In fact this is the first time I have posted pics because I couldn't figure it out before. I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer!!

There are no streaks or zebra stripes. I actually took my time and waited 20 minutes between each coat. I should have warmed the spray cans first though.

Anyway, a co-worker has agreed to let me barrow his gravity paint gun. When I get that I will order the paint. His stepfather is a professional body man / painter and I have been told by several people he is one of the best old school guys in the area. And he and the owner of the shop he works at are super nice guys who have answered many of my questions. I will post my pics when I finally paint the rig. Thanks again for your help 67.

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