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Re: Porterbuilt Stage 1 Front and Rear Kit Chart

Originally Posted by BMERDOC View Post
Did you use the PB Trac-bar? The comparison chart is a very good idea. I'll have the McGaughy's spindles/brakes and PB stage 1 kits before Spring.
I have the PB Trac-Bar on it's way. Hope to have it installed soon.

If you're going to also do drop spindles, I would recommend doing the stage 2 rear kit and using it without the upper cups. That's where I'm at now. I basically bought the stage two components individually which ended up costing a little more in the long run.

With the spindles and with the upper cups in the rear with no notch, it gave the truck a "east coast rake" with the rear up high in the air. It was cool looking, but I didn't want that look long term.

After doing this, I think the stage one kits should only be used together when you're keeping the stock arms and spindles. This will give you a somewhat stock looking ride height with the option to lower it 6 inches or so when desired.

If you want to be lower, you need to go with the Stage 1 front, Stage 2 rear, and drop spindles. If I were to start over, that's what I would do. - Matt
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