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Re: Squarebody Syndicate Series 02

Originally Posted by truckin 79 View Post
This is a beautiful truck and love the way it looks slammed to the ground. My one complaint with most high end squares is I feel like the interior is a after thought. What about giving it the woodgrain treatment or stainless steel door panels. I know this is being nit picky but just my .02.
Nice truck would love to own
Probably because opinions are a lot like 'personal tastes'. What one sees is their personal perception & what they feel would/might be better. Others might see it differently & feel the interior is just fine as it is. Maybe the builders felt woodgrain or stainless door panels would be too-much/gimmicky vs. a 'less is more' approach or how the interior was when new?

I'm one of the others & feel it's spot-on as is but I can't stand woodgrain or the aluminum strips used in the original interiors either so that makes my point easier to realize.... Diff strokes for diff folks.
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