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Re: S10 Swap how to

So, if I'm not mistaken, at this point in this thread we have a cab installed, driveline installed, suspension work completed, front fenders and core support are on, bed is on, but the cross sills are not welded yet (so it can move back and forth). Seems to me like the next step is to hang your rear fenders.

I use 2 bolts in each (for mock up) and I do not use lock nuts (until the final assembly). Once your fenders are on, you'll want to start mocking up your running boards (pic 1 and 2) I put the frame up on jackstands (for room), and use a bunch of 4x4, 2x4, 1x2 blocks and do small adjustments with carpenters shims. The length of the running board will decide the final placement of the box.

I bolt the rear to the fender, then line the front up with the front fender. Important gaps to check are the rear splash guard to the back of the cab, and the top of the board under the cab. Be sure your gap here is even from front to rear of the cab. Also, be sure that your rear tire is centered in the wheel well before you do any welding! My final check is to run a 36" level (front to rear) on the rocker (inside the door), then on the bed rail, then on the running board. The bubble should be in the same relative position for all three. This will tell you that your set up is square.
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