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Re: Seat base spring repair

Originally Posted by swamp rat View Post
Had an appolstery shop replace my Z springs, not an exact duplicate, he used a spring similar to whats used in that VW video i would call it an S spring but i don't know the correct terminology, and curled them under and attached to top and bottom with ferrules.
Yeah that's one of the options I'm looking into.

Originally Posted by Lattimer View Post
The little side support springs are reproduced, so you can buy them pretty cheap. The rest you need to find from a junk seat or have made.

If you become a paying member of the forum, you can post a wanted to buy add in the classifieds. That's what I did, and I got a whole seat worth of springs for $20 from another member.
I'll be paying for the membership later today so I can do just that.

But, where can I find the repro springs? I have yet to find them and have been looking for a bit now. LMC has an 'end spring kit' listed, but I think that's just the support spring.

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