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Re: Different rear lights on an AD

Originally Posted by joedoh View Post
[/url]IMG_6946 by Joe Doh, on Flickr

I also like the stainless LED 41-53 chevy truck lights from bowtiebits, they are very bright and a great upgrade to the same look

IMG_5253 by Joe Doh, on Flickr
Joe, Whose truck is the green AD with the rich cream artilleries? If I ever do an AD it will be the deep dark green factory color and artilleries too.

As for me, I like the original AD ad TF tail lights though I agree they're small/mounted low and should be upgraded to LED's for safety. I'll do the same on mine. I also have a 3rd LED brake light in the rear window and I'm considering bed roll lights. I just can't decide if they should be brake lights (red) or reverse lights(white)? Opinions?

PIC is not my truck (obviously) but I kinda like the red lights, not sure how I feel about them if they're white.
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