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Re: Low Buck Build Threads Help or LBBTH

You MIGHT like seeing my rattle canned heap:

Bought it about 1-1/2 years ago for $4500 (cheap in SoCal for a running, not too rusty big window with upgrades). It already had a mildly built 283, TH350 & 10 bolt rearend, so it already had the five lug car pattern. I had a set of leftover 15x7 Torq Thrust wannabe's. I bought 75 series takeoffs from CL for $60. My big expense was taking it to a shop in an old part of town the owners (70's) had owned since in their 20's. They loved getting a chance to work on old GM stuff. Had them install a Pertronix, dual plane manifold, redid the radiator, all hoses, belts, filters, fluids, tuneup, wires, yada, yada. A liberal does of rattle can paint and some used chrome goodies and it is how you'll see it.

I've TRIED to do everything economically, but I've been seduced by chrome goodies and disc brake & mastercylinder relocation kits - both new but un-installed - via Craigslist. Neither is installed yet.

Oops, EDIT: I'm probably in it for maybe $7000-7500 but its a solid runner at this point. Just needs emergency brakes hooked up, the disc & MC kits installed, seat belts, oh hell.....I'll be working on it forever, lol.
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