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Re: Low Buck Build Threads Help or LBBTH

Cool man I will check it out. Thanks for posting. I'm constantly looking. I admit some may not meet my criteria straight up, but when you start looking for builds that really go outside the norm you find that it aint cheap, but still I feel that there are tons of builds on here that really are right there on the edge of being affordable. I feel if the guy/gal is building it with his own two hands and doing his thing that's really what matters. I can't imagine some of the level of fabrication these fellas have. I am constantly inspired to see more and do more. Then even the builds that are just really about getting the truck running and going are often times cooler, than the big builds. Honestly as long as it is about having fun I'm in. Thanks again to all who look and listen.
The low buck build threads. Check'em out!
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