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I miss this truck.
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Re: Color Wiring Diagram FINISHED

Originally Posted by blukangoo View Post
I just threw them on to a free file hoster.
The page is in german but itīs easy to download.
Just scroll down the page til you see the name of the diagram and click download.

Bulkhead (Part 1)
Bulkhead (Part 2)
Rear Lighting
Master Plan

Complete Zip File Download this one. It has all 5 in one ZIP file.

Please let me know if they work or donīt work.

Greetz Sean
So, the download for Bukhead 1 and Rear didn't work for me. Also, when I tried to extract the files from the .ZIP, it spit some error about an invalid compression method. I DID however, manage to get them all to work further up, in the first set of links you posted, and I now have a fresh copy saved for myself.
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