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Re: Porterbuilt Stage 1 Front and Rear Kit Chart

Originally Posted by MattPSU View Post
If you already have bags in the rear, why not just bag the front too?

Where are you from in Pittsburgh? I'm Pittsburgh born and raised. I grew up in North Apollo - the southern part of Armstrong County.
I am going to run shrader valves on the rear bags. I was thinking about going with coils again but I already have the bags, line and shraders. I just want to get my truck back in one piece again Then I can decide if I want to fully bag the truck. I'd rather not spend the money or the time messing with that now.

I grew up in Arlington (on the hill above South Side). I live in Brentwood now. My Dad moved out your way a few years ago to Freeport. Now he tells people he lives out in the country

Your truck looks awesome, keep up the good work. Nate

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