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Re: Porterbuilt Stage 1 Front and Rear Kit Chart

Originally Posted by MRWGN View Post
Just wondering how much lower (if any) having tubular control arms would make it?

I ask because the way the bag mounting happens with the stage 1 kit it brings the mounting surface flush with arm and not recessed into the cup.

Would a set of porterbuilt tubular arms/CPP arms in standard form change those dimensions and make it lower again in the front?
No idea. Maybe Travis or one of the Porterbuilt guys will chime in and let us know. If they send me a set, I'll install them and take some pictures, too!

Originally Posted by King Cary View Post
Thanks for the chart Matt... Awesome lay out for everyone to use as a comparison when building their trucks... I see you're in Lyman S.C., I'm originally from Columbia.
You're welcome. Small world!
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