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Re: Porterbuilt Stage 1 Front and Rear Kit Chart

Originally Posted by hass18 View Post
Thanks for the pics. That was where I thought would be the best place to mount.
Your welcome!

Originally Posted by Carbajal View Post
Truck looks good. I like the way it looks That's the setup I'm going to put on my c10. What size tires do you have??
Current tires are 275/60R15 on 7" rally wheels. About 27.5" tall. Someday I hope to upgrade to 20's.

Originally Posted by clemsonteg View Post
Thanks for the chart. I asked about this about a year ago and this is exactly the information I was looking for. I see in the first few photos you are at 80 psi front and 40 psi rear, but in the last few you list ride height at 60 psi front and 25 psi rear. Is that where you have always kept the ride height, or have you reduced it over time to fine tune the firmness you were after?
At 80psi front and 40 psi rear, the bags are about fully inflated and that's as high as the truck can go. Initially I was thinking about showing the possible difference from fully deflated to fully inflated. I wasn't thinking about ride height which is somewhere in between. The more I drive it, the more I've been able to dial in the ride height which is more like 60psi front and 25 psi rear.

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