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I have a radical idea!
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Found a new way to match the cluster texture on the glove box.

I love the '67 dashes more than any other year in these trucks because of the symmetrical look between gauge cluster and glove box door. The factory '67 had a textured surface with a silver outer that somewhat matched the gauge cluster grain. The factory glove box grain is not a real good match, though. I used 2 Rustoleum textured paints, and with a little experimentation, I pretty much nailed it.

Here's how I did it if anybody wants to do the same.

I painted the silver outside and then taped it up. I used the Aged Iron as base because it has the bigger textured pattern and it is gray in color.

The key is to hold the can about 2 feet away and dust it in light, even coats. DO NOT by any means spray it thick. Trust me - you'll have a huge mess QUICK!

After it pretty much dries (about an hour), do the same thing with textured black. Spray quick, even, light coats at about 2 feet away. If you spray it heavy, or get to close it "fills in" the grain like regular spray paint will do cluster if you put it on too thick.

It takes about 8 or so (I didn't count) light coats to get a good, deep, rich look. The black textured paint by itself actually matches the factory '67 glovebox grain perfectly, but I was wanting to match the cluster.

The light coats also help to keep the paint from trying to bleed under the masking tape. The tape line was good and crisp because of this.

Here's some pics.

This is an up close pic of the glove box.

This is an close pic of factory grain of the cluster. It is nearly identical to my glove box door..

Here is a pic of the 2 paints I used.

Here is the door installed. I noticed after I took the pic that I got some dusty fingerprints on it. I didn't see it, but the camera did! I am going to install the gauge bezel tomorrow.

I did something similiar years ago with spray in bedliner on my red '69 C-10. It turned out decent, but it didn't match like this did.

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