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Re: SoCal checkin' in

Originally Posted by Lee H View Post
When's the last time it's had a real tune-up? Not the typical look around and think everything looks ok, a real tune-up. New plugs, wires, cap rotor, check for correct vac and mechanical advance operation. Carb rebuild and dial in. Those sixes are just about bullet proof. Have you done a leak down test?

As for an engine swap you need to go to the California DMV site and read up on engine swaps. I think you'll soon find out your best and most economical bet for an early smogger is to rebuild your six or get another six to replace it.
According to the mechanic he put in new wires, plugs, and rebuilt the carb.After my dad's death we didn't really run the truck or drive it for about 3 years or so. The carb had rotted due to fuel still in it so it had to be rebuilt. I don't know if the cap rotor was replaced. I can't figure out how to check the vacuum and mechanical advance. I got a vacuum gauge but I'm having a hard time getting the right wire connected to the T line to have it work. I think I have to just take the tube to Autozone to match it up so I can finish the T line connection. I just want the truck to run reliably and not have to worry about it breaking down so quickly. I think I plan on replacing the radiator hoses soon too to make sure that won't crack soon.
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