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Re: Measuring For Wheels Video,...

Originally Posted by Super_Dave View Post
What allowance do you make for tire sidewall bulge?

Different profile tires will have more or less bulge than others given sidewall height, air pressure and vehicle weight. Either way, just using the outside bead width as your maximum available space could still lead to clearance problems without allowing for tire bulge, correct?
I usually allow 1" on each side of the rim for clearance.
This seems to work with the 35 or 40 series tires I try to run on 20" and 22" wheels.
Of course,... if you try to mount a 275/60-15 tire on a 15x6 wheel you are going to have excessive tire bulge.
My tool gets me really close to what I need.

The real purpose of this thread is to get people to measure their OWN TRUCK or car, themselves.
There is a ton of info on doing this, whether its videos or tools.
Convert to disc brakes.
WTB: Radio Delete Plates and clips.
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