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Re: SMOG LEGAL ENGINE SWAP TO LS yesterday passed!

Originally Posted by hatzie View Post
The PCM expects to get feedback from sensors in the automatic transmission.
If you have an LS with the ECM TCM setup the ECM expects to get feedback from the TCM.
If the ECM or PCM doesn't get feedback from the TCM or transmission in response to its' requests it gets lost. Some ECM/PCM will drop you into limp mode and others just plain freak out.

Harvey Hardway would brute force it with a tuning package. You run the risk of missing something minor that'll freak out the ECM/PCM in some obscure manner if you try to be Harvey Hardway.

The easiest way to handle running a manual transmission or an older automatic transmission on a modern engine is to program the PCM or ECM using a manual transmission vehicle VIN and then fine tune the settings with your tuning package.

The fuel and spark tables from a 3/4 or 1-ton truck may be advantageous as well.
I get that but it still doesn't make sense it has to be original same with the motor. so if he used a 4l80e which is totally doable he would fail or used a 700r4 which also is doable would fail. he cant retune it from the sounds either and delete or reprogram these things to work with one another. even if the engine is not creating any more emissions than it would stock. so on that token I wonder if he could use a 4l65e instead of the 4l60e. not the stock set up but nothing has to be changed in the ecm. or if ran a 10 model that has a a separate tcm unit and the ecm is same manual or auto. I think cali is overkill.
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