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Re: Courtesy light bulb and dome light questions

Originally Posted by 65chevysub View Post
I have an 84 GMC Sierra 2500, that didn't come with a dome light, only an under dash courtesy light, ( or cigarette lighter,) but was wondering if someone could tell me what bulb number would go in the under dash courtesy light? I have power so it should work. Also, if anyone else here has a truck without a dome light, what did you put in to light up the cab? I was thinking of an RV style porch light or something similar. Can you post pics, please?
I added a set of courtesy lights from LMC and used these led bulbs. It adds a lot more light, sense you donít have a dome light. Now if the new bulb doesnít work, then your door switch wire has rusted and fallen off the back of the switches.
The bulb size is 1003 or get the led equivalent
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