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Re: WTB rust free 1972 Blazer doors

Originally Posted by 70GM View Post
Photos of the door for sale.
Even though those came off of a 1970 I believe those are 1972 doors.

Thanks for the pictures and offers to help.

I am hesitant to take the add down at the moment. A local board member whom I almost bought a Blazer from (was 4 X 4) and too nice to convert to 2 wheel drive. I inspected that vehicle personally and it was SOLID!! He says he has 2 rust free CA truck doors and a mint tailgate he will sell me. He won't be around for a couple of weeks so I have not seen them and do not have them. I believe and trust this member so I believe I am all set. Until they are in my hands I am going to leave this up.

Thank you all very much


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