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Re: WTB PS pulley and nut

Originally Posted by Classic Bowties View Post
Wanted to add some more pulley info for clarity, there were several different SB p/s pump pulley pn's used between 67-72. While the 537DC pulley was used on all 68-72 BBC SWP remote fill p/s pumps, we have personally found the same 537DC pulley was also used on SB p/s pumps in 69 & 70, with the more commonly seen 325DJ SB p/s pump pulley being used in 71 & 72 model years. Mel
thanks Mel ,not sure the pulley Randy sent me will line up until I mock it up This engine had factory AC with double fan pulley and tripple crank pulley. Im going to set it all up take some pics and share ...I recieved your PM all the info is very much appreciated
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