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Re: "The Bucket" project diary

Originally Posted by jaros44sr View Post
Very nice progress, enjoy reading your gave me another idea for my exhaust

Originally Posted by Tom Vogel View Post
How hard was it to get all the air out of that Hydroboost setup.?
I'm not sure yet... bled brakes & all this weekend, then drove it down the road. Brakes & steering worked flawlessly for awhile, then went to zero pwr steering & almost zero brakes. Steering pump not whining or anything, but the fluid looked like chocolate milk & very watery. So drained it then refilled, cranked & let run for a bit; all seemed better sitting in shop. But fluid all choc milk again/still. Will probably do this several more times until it clears up & then see what happens.
The steering pump & box are both used, so they are probably a little nasty inside. Hopefully this is all it is. I've read that hydroboost is pretty picky about contaminated fluid. If that doesn't work, will swap out the power steering pump.
But to answer your question it shouldn't be air in the hydroboost. As it can bleed itself through the power steering cap. We filled the power steering up with fluid & let it sit several days, working wheel back & forth occassionally & keeping resevoir full, before ever cranked it the first time.
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