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Re: External to Internal Voltage Regulated Altenator Conversion

Originally Posted by dannyboy1224 View Post
Hey guys, I found this really helpful, but once I got the alternator on I realized that the "fins" for the fan that draws air into the and through the alternator are going in the wrong direction. I pulled this thread up and looking in the picture, your's does as well. This will seriously affect the life of the alternator as it will not be pulling air through it. The engine turns clockwise on these old trucks, this alternator must be made for an engine turning counterclockwise? Thoughts? I'm going to try to find one of these style that is opposite direction.
I am doing this along with my complete AAW rewiring of my '67 Chevy C20. Does the direction air flows thru the alternator really matter (pushing or pulling air thru the alternator)? AAW recommended same alternator with one wire conversion.

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