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Originally Posted by headsup9550 View Post
I don't have any pics but I always take the external regulator apart by drilling 2 rivets that hold the black cover to the silver mounting bracket. Inside there are 4 posts that the circuit board is soldered to. Break this board off the lugs with needle nose pliers and get two 3 inch pieces of 12 gauge wire with the insulation stripped off of the ends and solder one from post 1 to post 3 and one from post 2 to post 4 and reassemble with two #8x" machine screws, reinstall and plug the harness connector back in. This way there's no need to butcher the factory harness, no unsightly jumpers hacked into the unplugged, loosely dangling connector and you get cool points for a couple of obvious reasons..

Thanks Adam. Ill look at it. Jack
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