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Re: 1972 Complete Hatch with all Hardware

Originally Posted by allchevy1 View Post
If all deals fall through, I'm in the bay area and can come right over with cash in hand. I have $700 on it. I know your only asking 600 but I'm In a bad way for one. Please let me know. Pm me, thanks!
Todd, Here is how I feel. You come on here and try to entice the seller to skip the two members that are ahead of you by offering $100 more and sending your phone number to him and state if the deals fall through you can come right now.Well knowing it is already SOLD and hoping because you up the price needing a hatch it might get to your 3rd place in line. That Sh-t doesn't fly on the 67-72 truck forum. This is not facebook or craigslist. Tony is a stand up guy and has honored the agreement he has with me for $600 dollars but since you are in such a bad way for a hatch I am going to offer my spot at the number one position for $150.00 in to my paypal and you pay Tony $750 picked up in SJ. Now if this doesn't work for you I will be picking it up very soon. a1
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