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Caliper misalignment

New installation of Wilwood D52 calipers on the front of my '69 C10. Using ECE's spindles for the disc brake conversion.

How much misalignment is acceptable of the caliper to rotor?

Not sure about the OEM version of these but Wilwoods have a sleeve that the caliper body slide on. The o-rings between the caliper body and the sleeve were damaged upon installation and I will buy new ones. I flipped them around and regreased them and they slide pretty easy but the drivers side is off by .010 ? Only about 20% of the pad shows wear from turning the rotor by hand. My rotor is about .008-.010" to big for my caliper and pads but am going to check them after doing a few 40-0 stops. Both rotors turn by hand but this one with the misalignment is tough.

I took off about .015" ( measured ) of material from the top mounting surface for the caliper on the mount to get the alignment what I thought was correct before I put fluid in the new brake system. I could shim it back but I dont see how it would change anything... I lightly pryed on the caliper to see if shimming would help but at best I could almost get it be aligned but I didn't want to use much force.

Any ideas?

My main concern is with rotor already bigger than it should be that the misaligned caliper will act differently and maybe cause pulling to one side while driving... Thank you for any help.
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