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I have an Electrolux canister vacuum. In '06 not long after my wife left I get a call from the authorized repairman that my vacuum had been repaired and the bill was $189. I knew nothing about what problem I had, just picked it and added $189 to the total of what my wife had stuck me on . When I paid I learned what was repaired was the device that shuts it off once the door for the bag is opened. First time I vacuumed it shut off on me. I wasn't too happy, but I was nice to the older man when I called about it. He offered to come to my place to save me the additional trip. And I guess he figured it was a simple matter, didn't need to be left with him.

He comes over, turns it on, doesn't run, opens the access door, slaps it shut, and it ran. He said that was common from the hose being pulled while in use and sometimes they needed to be slapped shut. Well, that is what the machine is designed for, tag along as the hose pulls it forward! So I might have paid $189 for a new switch installation when all it needed was the door opened and slapped shut. Then, to add insult to injury, he changed me a $25 trip charge for something he could have explained when I called him! I Yi Yi! I still do have the vacuum and it still works the same. It has outlasted the Shark that worked a half dozen times that cost more than that repair bill
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