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Re: Creamsicle: My 70 K10 SWB is about to get sweeter

Just another update from last week. On Aug-12th I installed the front speakers to complete my stereo installation.

  • Retrosound Long Beach with Motor-4 body
  • USB/Aux installed in original cigarette lighter location
  • External microphone for bluetooth phone operation

Front Speakers:
  • Kicker model CSC65
  • 6-1/2" Round, 300 watt max
  • Installed in front vent panel in Retrosound speaker mounts

Rear Speakers:
  • Kicker model CSC693
  • 6"X9", 450 watt max
  • Installed in rear cab corners speaker mounts from board member "Bigblock73"

Retrosound Long Beach with USB/Aux in cigarette lighter location
Name:  IMG_0942.jpg
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Front passenger side speaker
Name:  IMG_0937.jpg
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Front driver side speaker
Name:  IMG_0939.jpg
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Name:  IMG_0943.jpg
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External microphone for bluetooth phone operation
Name:  IMG_0982.jpg
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