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Re: Finally lifted (Outsyder)

He allways has to park next to the normal blazers in parking

It's only been about one yr. Now since he got this blazer.
He had put a good sounding muffler on it back then but since then the rest of the exhaust rotted away.
So instead of Mickey mouseing it he is saving to get a nice one made for it.

And he finally put his shopping basket on the roof.

I must say for a 95 it's cleaner than my zr2 that's rotting from the inside

Not bad for a $290. 95 blazer.
But of course he has some $ stuck into it now. But he got what he wanted(a 4 door)and keeps at it,I just wish he would keep it clean instead of slopping it up in every fun spot he see's.
I feel better knowing he is transporting my grandchildren around in this rather than the beat up 92.
And that rebuilt trans shifts freakin nice.

Since he never does and hardly ever comes on here anymore I took the liberty of takeing the pics of both his rides together and posted them since I just noticed he made this thread.

He recently started putting the chrome stuff on the 67 instead of the all black stuff, still gotta put the rear bumper on though it's just been too cold or soggy out.
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