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Re: Rust-o-leum vs. Hammerite

Another Hammerite fan here.
I first came across it in a mom & pop hardware store probably 20+ years ago.
At that time it was imported (I think from England IIRC)
I had a antique steel chair that I found submerged in a creek. Absolutely no paint left, just solid rust. I took it home, pressure cleaned it and painted it with Hammerite. I still have that chair on my porch. The rust has never come back. I have had to repaint it several times in the past 20 years just because of fading and a wanted color change, but no returning rust. That stuff is amazing.
At that time, the only finish available was hammered. I guess that's where the name came from. And there were only about half-dozen colors. But, now they're making it here in the US and they offer smooth finish and lots more colors.
Forget the Rust-Oleum. Spend a few bucks extra and get Hammerite.
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