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Fuel line routing help

I'm trying to figure out what I need for fuel lines for my '72 Blazer 4wd. I removed the junk from my chassis and my pictures storage crashed and let me down. I'm want to order some new sets from Inline Tube. I know the front to rear Fuel line is 3/8. There was another line running from to back that connected to the Charcoal cannister. Pretty sure it was 5/16".Is there a smaller front to rear fuel return line also or not?
The Inline Tube catalog has me confused a bit. They list the following parts available:
Front to Rear Fuel line ( I know this one ).
Front to Rear Fuel Return line 1/4" ??
Charcoal Canister line 5/16" (3pc) ??
Tank to Stand Pipe 5/16" (5pc) ??

Thanks for any help on this. Edit: Just noticed I posted this in the Builds, I meant to post it in the Main Blazer forum. Whoops.

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