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Re: Any Duramax owners out there?

Originally Posted by 63chevyll View Post
Once you have towed with one its hard to imagine we used to tow with those under powered big blocks for years
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O i know the power is 2nd to non, i remember when my father first got it he had to hall around 8000lbs worth of sidding to the build he was going to and the truck barely squatted when he loaded up the trailer and after that day he said he shoulda got it a longg time ago. One day while hauling his boat and camper he was about to pass somebody an right when he started he saw somebody coming up over the hill and instead of doing the safe thing and backing down he gave it some gas and blew by the guy with time to spare its funny how a 45 year old man can turn into the kid he once was when theres close to 600lbs of torque under his foot.

Originally Posted by Project77 View Post
i got a 2001 4x4 2500HD duramax 6.6L love it to death best truck in the world even if its all stock with a straight pipe i got mb wheels, kevlar tires, ranch hand grill guard, tinted windows pretty damn dark, straight pipe, bully dog performance chip, tan leather interior these things are mean as hell when you put just a little bit of money into them

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There mean stock, my father wants to put the PPE tuner on his truck but hes going to wait until he switches all his fluids to Ams oil. The other day heading out the the farm i was going to pass somebody and when i did i gave it the usuall amount of gas i would for like my car and right when i did the truck just took off i couldnt believe the amount of passing ability that thing had, had so much fun i kept passing people even when i didnt need to

Originally Posted by 1949gmc View Post
I got one...... an 04.5 with the LLY motor. Bought it new in April '04 and its got 54,000 miles on it now. I put Bilsteins on it when it was new... what a difference! I couldn't believe how crappy the original shocks were and they only had a thousand miles on them.

It's had a couple of goofy things go wrong with it: speedo head shorted out and it would read 100 mph sitting still. Had the EGR valve and a couple of injectors go bad. And this past summer, I had to have the injector harness extension installed for the #2 and #7 cylinders because it would go into limp and wouldn't come out.

Overall though, a great truck. How many trucks can do a brake torque with 5,000 pounds hooked up to it?
Ive heard about the problems with the injector harnesses... But it seems like every diesels have certain problems.
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