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Re: Rockwell T221

Meritor has a very nice manual on line for T-223 and T-221 series transfer cases. In this manual it states T-221-A released 10/55, T-221-A1 released 3/59, T-221-M released 2/59, T-221-M1 released 4/59, T-221-M3 released 12/59, M4 released 12/59, M6 released 3/61, M7 released 3/61, M8 released 3/61, N1 released 4/66, N2 released 4/66, N4 released 4/67, N5 released 4/67, N7 released 4/68. I realize some dufferent models were released in the same months, and I'm not sure of the exact differences. But hopefully this will give you some date line ideas.
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