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Re: LS hot cam in LY6

Originally Posted by Akleypas View Post
Howdy, I was wondering if anyone is running a GM "Hot cam" in a LY6. Ive recently been looking at cam shafts. Im considering Texas Speed stage 1 or stage 2 cam. I have recently been interested in GM's factory "Hot cam". When I searched I only saw references to running it in a 6.2 or a 5.3. Is it possible to run in a 6.0 (rectangular ports)? What kind of power can I expect from this application? If the camshaft is replaced with the GM hot cam do the push rods and springs also need to be replaced?

The GM Hot Cam will work, functionally, in your rectangle port 6.0. It would be what I'd personally consider a fairly mild cam with a moderate idle quality in a 6.0 though. What are you looking for?

Its generally recommended to do new push rods (HARDENED) and springs (LS6 blue springs or Pac1218's if you need more lift) regardless, though on the LY6 what you actually need to purchase will depend on some of the options you have. Do you have DoD (displacement on demand) and/or AFM (active fuel management?) Generally for performance applications or even just for longevity, deleting both of those is a good idea.

To delete them, both BTR (Brian Tooley racing) and Texas-Speed as well as I am sure several others (check our sponsors here first!) offer delete kits that include everything you need AND a cam of your choice. For a mild but noticeable idle and a decent power bump, something in the range of 550 lift and 230 duration at .050 with an LSA in the 112-114 range would give you a good performance bump, allow you to use the inexpensive LS6 blue springs most likely, and maintain a smooth driving experience.

By comparison, the GM Hot cam is 525 lift, 219/228 duration. A nice cam, for sure, but more generalist to include the smaller displacement engines (4.8/5.3) and keep a relatively streetable idle, but designed with the old mentality of poor exhaust flow on stock heads from what I can see, which isn't the case with the LS heads at the power levels we're talking about

Again, my personal preference is pretty rowdy engines unless I have to take customers with me or something like that. For my engine build I am looking at 600ish lift and 230ish duration on a 5.3. The actual cam I am really focused on right now is 237 @.050 and 600 lift, but its really a turbo cam and the end result of my engine is that it will be 6.0 (or close, stroked 5.3 with .020 overbore rather than going all the way to 3.898) with a fairly sizeable turbo.

Also, calling any of the vendors you're considering could be a huge help. I'm relaying information on what I've learned from my build and whats been suggested to me in brief conversations with some fairly well known LS builders/tuners, and the vendors do this day in and day out, with far more experience than I've got.
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