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So,, what else you got???
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Re: 70 GMC shop truck,,, maybe.

Originally Posted by C10Calvin View Post
Hi Fred,
If your not going to use them, would you be willing to sell the rear lowering springs and trac bar? Do you you think I could get that front crossmember this week? I could come out and and assist with the removal if your busy. Also looking for disc brake, 5 lug conversion stuff if you have anything available or any local leads I would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks, Calvin
Hey Calvin. Let me see how my schedule looks this week. i am going to be out of town this weekend, grandaughters birthday. The ice is almost gone so i am starting to feel like doing some work around the shop. I will try to track down a good air chisel to knock those rivets out. Sorry for the delay, I have just been a cold, lazy, grumpy old man the last few weeks. Thanks, Fred.
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