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Re: Tune-port install

Originally Posted by smoky02 View Post
Thanks, problem is I'm not sure how I want to go, whether I want to run stock cam and vortec heads, or after market cam, aluminum heads. See my prob.?

I have a TPI engine out of a 90 Corvette hanging on an engine stand in my garage. It is an L98 engine and it came with a set of aluminum heads. These are the same heads that the ZZ$ engines have and that design was good for about 4000 RPM. I got the whole deal in parts and the engine was already seperated from the intake and the intake had been refurbished by Street And Performance of Arkansas. The engine has changed some since my purchase. It now has a set of vortec heads that have been worked to take a different set of valves and the seats have been clearanced to allow for more rocker arm movement. The cam is still the stock roller unit from the Corvette but I changed the rocker arms over to a set of Comp Cams magnum 1.6 roller rockers. This gives a better flow without changing the cam. I put an intake baseplate from Scoggin dickey for the vortec engine on with the larger runners from Edelbrock for airflow and th einjectors have been upgraded to a large size. This should provide a fair change in flow and give some serious low end torque.

Presedntly this engine is set up for my daily driver 91 Chevy truck as a replacement engine for the factory 5.7, but it will fit anywhere, since the computer is set for a streetrod install.
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