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A couple of places for info on the LS1.

They have forums and parts for sale much like this site. I got my wiring diagrams off of ebay for a fraction of the original cost. There are also VATS bypasses available and O2 sensor bypasses if you eliminate the catalytic converters.
No matter what the PCM is going to have to have some programming. You can send it to someone but for about the same price you can get the software and cable if your computer savy(laptop needed). Most of the software is keyed in some form or fashion. Some are VIN specific, some are model and year specific. Some of the handhelds have limited functions and some are only readers. I'm probably gong to go with the software which will alow tuning the motor over and over. You'll need to change the gear ratio, tire diameter etc in the PCM. Visit the websites above and you'll get a good idea of what stuff works and what doesn't.

OK nuff for now.
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