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1972 SWB Highlander project

I've accumulated too many projects, so time to thin out. Factory SWB Highlander in Hawaiian blue color. It came with all the package "C" options. Comes with matching SPID, frame and VIN and extra A/C cab. Very solid frame. I have the original 350 engine, but no transmission. What you see is what you get. $1,800.
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72 Cheyenne Super swb. Factory 402/400,tach,posi,AM/FM, A/C. Adding cruise, 8-track
72 Cheyenne Super swb. 350/350 A/C, bucket seats
72 Cheyenne swb. Factory 402/400, tilt, posi, A/C
72 Cheyenne Super K-10. 350/4 spd., posi.
72 Suburban 350/350 tilt, tach, AM/FM, A/C, luggage rack
72 GMC Sierra lwb. 350/350, A/C. medium green/olive interior
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