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Re: 1972 SWB Highlander project

I added some parts to sweeten the deal. Rust-free wood floor bed, pretty nice set of '72 doors. Right side has surface rust on bottom, but no rust-through. Left side has a small split on the bottom side, then just surface rust. Rust-free set of fenders and hood. Original 4-bolt 350 (April, 72 date, TDJ code). I have most of the A/C stuff, wiring and more parts to go with it.

The price like it is pictured now is $2700. I do not want to sell individual parts off of it right now.
Attached Images
72 Cheyenne Super swb. Factory 402/400,tach,posi,AM/FM, A/C. Adding cruise, 8-track
72 Cheyenne Super swb. 350/350 A/C, bucket seats
72 Cheyenne swb. Factory 402/400, tilt, posi, A/C
72 Cheyenne Super K-10. 350/4 spd., posi.
72 Suburban 350/350 tilt, tach, AM/FM, A/C, luggage rack
72 GMC Sierra lwb. 350/350, A/C. medium green/olive interior

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