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Re: Drilling through carpet

Originally Posted by 1971ChevyTruck View Post
I need to drill small holes for the Lokar shifter boot cover and the door sill covers. The problem is I can't pull the carpet back around the shifter since it's already mounted. So I might try to use a soldering iron point to burn holes or something. I had heard if you reverse the drill that it might wear a hole with out snagging the carpet. Just looking for some good ideas.
Burning the holes like you mention sounds like a good idea - if I did it again I would heat up a narrow center punch I have with a propane torch and melt the holes through the carpet then drill. The way I did it worked fine - I postioned the door sills drilled a hole, I think the tape may have helped and I had a lot off pressure on the area I was drilling so that may have helped to eliminate any snagging.
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