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Re: Low Buck Build Threads Help or LBBTH

Thanks for checking in. I can't wait for updates. This thread is important to me. Honestly there are a lot of builds on here that would qualify for low budget or low buck. I feel it is important to give not only the veterans of the site a chance to see what's there but also the new guy. The guy or gal wanting to put together a cool truck for fun. I know we don't all have mega budgets and that's ok. There's lots of ways to do and have fun with our trucks for reasonably cheap. Nothing is cheap any more but still you can do it with a little elbow grease, planning and being smart.

For the New Year I hope to see this thread grow even more. I'd like to see more users actively contributing. I'd also like to see more input from readers and users. My biggest hopes is to be able to add my build to this list once I get started. All I hope is that the New Year brings tons of joy to the site and it's members.!

The low buck build threads. Check'em out!
My build thread
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